about me

Welcome to New Baker on the Block!

My name is Gabriela Rodriguez and I am a 25-year-old who loves baking but is just starting out and needs a place to post all my pictures and thoughts. Join me as I go on this journey of becoming a self-taught baker!

I make the mistakes first, so you don't have to! Watch me struggle to learn how to decorate cakes, perfect buttercream frosting, tackle pastries and more. Baking is fun but it is also easy to mess something small up and I want to be able to share tips and progress as I go on this journey.  I have no prior baking training and I wanted to create an outlet for people to ask the questions I am asking as a beginner baker that may seem like a no brainer to the professionals. 

"What is a crumb coat?"

Yes, that is a serious question I had while figuring this baking thing out. 

All recipes are taste tested by my family, friends, and boyfriend. I think they are really happy I took up this new hobby. I find most of my recipes online, from family and friends or inspired from Baking shows online. (I know you all are watching Great British Baking show and are just obsessed as I am!) All recipes will be credited in each post. 

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