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Milk & Cookies Cake

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Lots of mistakes made - Still a delicious cake

You guys, this cake was HARD! For me at least. Even with big mistake I made, this cake was tricky because the consistency was different than what I was used to. However, I think I really took a step in the right direction decorating wise. The cake was delicious even if it didn't have enough sugar.

The Golden Rule of Baking

Read the directions! Read the Directions!

I always heard that the first thing you need you to do when baking is read the directions and get all your ingredients ready and measured out. This is easier said than done. Imagine you need multiple ingredients that are 1 tablespoon but you only have one measuring cup of 1 tablespoon? How are you going to get all your ingredients measured out? You can see where this is going I'm sure. I skipped this step and well, my problems start here.

I saw this on the Ingredients and thought "okay, step 1. 1/2 c butter softened. Step 2. 1/4 cup granulated sugar." This was WRONG. Luckily, with the butter, I was saved. The list specified 3 sticks. This actually called for One and half cups butter and two and 1/4 cups sugar. So I was missing about 2 cups of sugar for the actual cake. Everyone makes mistakes so not beating myself up about this one.

Lets Make This Cake

The first thing you are going to want to do is preheat your oven to 350°F. This recipe called for three 8" cake pans. I only have 9" so I made only 2 layers and a slightly bigger cakes. NBD there was enough batter for this.

Next, make sure your butter is room temperature. Beat the butter and the (two and 1/4 cups 🤦🏽‍♀️) sugar until light and fluffy. Then, add in your eggs one at a time mixing each egg well before adding the next. This could be because my sugar and butter was so messed up at the beginning, but every egg I added the more it looked like scrambled eggs and it wasn't combining well. At this point I was started to realize something was not right, but still not sure what that was. Stay tuned!

Also add your vanilla at this step.

Get your Dry Ingredients Ready

In a separate bowl, combine your flour, cornstarch, baking powder and salt. Whisk together! Pour half your dry ingredients into the mixing bowl with the wet ingredients. beat until just combined. Add your milk and mix until combined.

Give Me Some Sugar!

Here is where I realized I didn't have enough sugar. It still doesn't get much better from here. I looked at the ingredient list and thought oh that doesn't say step 2. That says two 1/4 cups... I still wasn't realizing it is actually 2 and 1/4 cup. 🤦🏽‍♀️So I decided to add another 1/4 cup with the other half of my dry ingredients. A little bit better but not the fix I needed. I also don't know how much it helped since the sugar and butter are supposed to be whipped together in the very first step. We well see the difference when I remake this.

Once you add the rest of the dry ingredients, mix just until combined. Next you want to fold in your chocolate chips and the crushed cookies. and your batter is ready! My batter was very thick which was different from normal cakes I have made in the past. This could be because cookies crushed up make for a thicker batter or it could be due to my lack of sugar?

Baking Time

Divide your batter evenly between your baking pans. I use Williams Sonoma Gold Touch Cake Pans and I swear by them. I haven't had anything to stick to them when i bake. This original recipe suggests adding parchment paper to the bottom of the pan to keep the batter from sticking. With Gold Touch cake pans, this wasn't an issue at all. Cook for 38 minutes. I usually set my time for 30 minutes and do a toothpick test every five minutes until the toothpick comes out clean. Take your cakes out and let them cool fully.

Make Your Creamy Buttercream.

While your cakes cool it is time to make your frosting. This recipe called for a version of American Buttercream. Easily the easiest of buttercreams to make. I am still working on perfecting my American buttercream, but I think this one turned out great.

You want to beat your room temperature butter and salt until light and fluffy until the color of the butter has lightened significantly. Probably about 5 minutes. Slowly beat in the sweetened condensed milk and your powdered sugar. I sifted my powdered sugar before adding it to the frosting. This was not in the instructions, however in my past American buttercream recipes I had made this was something they said to do. Baking is all about learning and adapting! But I'm sure frosting will taste absolutely fine without sifting.

One thing I have learned is that buttercream takes time! keep mixing it until you get the consistency you want. I get impatient and have been tending to stop it too early. It was still great but not that smooth, creamy consistency that I was looking for.

For Decorations read my decorating post to see how I got this beautiful cake.

Taste Tester Thoughts

"You can tell that something is wrong with the batter, but overall its still tastes delicious."
"I ate my entire piece and I don't usually eat the cake. Just the frosting."

Overall, it was a hit. The reviews on the original recipe stated that this was a dense cake, so if you make it except it dense. I also had mine in the fridge all day. When we cut into the cake it was not a smooth cut and my heart almost stopped. In the end, it had the consistency of a cookie more than a cake. BUT a delicious cookie and that is all that mattered. I did get a lot of comments that this frosting was much better than the Swiss meringue Buttercream that I made.

Get This Recipe

What to make your own Milk & Cookies cakes, go here for the full recipe and steps. Good luck!

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