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Thats the Way the Cookie Crumbles

American Buttercream and Chips Ahoy Cookies – what else do you need!? See how I decorated this delicious Milk and Cookies Cake.

Be Prepared

Before we get into the frosting and the actual cake decorating, I want to share the cake decorating kit i purchased. I got the Kootek All-In-One Cake Decorating Kit on amazon. This includes:

  • Turntable

  • 2 icing spatulas

  • 12 numbered cake decorating tips

  • 3 icing smoothers

  • 2 Silicone piping bags

  • 50 disposable pastry bags

  • 1 coupler

I also purchased cake boards to build your cake on and to help transfer the cake from the turntable to the cake stand.

Perfect Your Buttercream!

This cake is the first cake I was able to get smooth buttercream that would cooperate with decorating. Let me just say it was a game changer! I also watched so many youtube videos and learned how to make a crumb coat. I will never make a cake without a crumb coat from now on.

Once your cakes are baked, let them cool and get started on your frosting!

You can use a hand mixer, but I always use a standing mixer. It is easier for me to use and when you have to beat a frosting for a long time, this is a life savor. In the standing mixer use the paddle attachment to beat the butter and the salt until fluffy and light in color. I mixed this for 5 minutes. You can beat longer if needed.

Patience is Key!

Next comes the sweetened condensed milk and the powdered sugar. Add your 14 oz of sweetened condensed milk. I used a fat free one. (If i tell myself its healthier in any way I don't feel as guilty when I eat it 😂) This didn't make a difference in the taste. Still delicious. Finally, once fully incorporated, add your powdered sugar. I always sift my powdered sugar before adding it. This keep it from having lump in your icing. Not needed if you don't want to take that step. Your frosting will still turn out great. Beat until smooth and your desired consistency. Something I have learned is if your frosting is too runny, add more powdered sugar and beat longer. I am impatient and this has been a big learning curve.

Lets Build the Cake!

First thing you want to do is make your crumb coat. I really wanted to make a cake with smooth frosting edges and have it look really clean. Take your cake board and put it on the turntable. I put a dollop of frosting between the cake board and turntable to keep it in place.

Between each cake layer add a layer of frosting and spread evenly. If you have a domed cake, many people cut the dome off the have even cake layers and a straight cake. So far, I have just been flipping the top layer upside down and it works great!

Now you want to frost the rest of the outside of your cake. The crumb coat is important to make your cake look smooth. Take a big dollop of frosting on top of your cake and start working it down the sides of the cake with the flat cake spatula. Once the entire cake is covered, take the straight edge icing smoother from your kit and scrape the excess frosting around the edges to create a thin layer of frosting on the outside. This will trap the crumbs and keep them from getting in your final layer.

Put your crumb coat in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

This will keep the form and edges of the cake. I left mine in for 45 minutes. As you can see I still have little indents from my icing smoother. This will go away with practice and more comfortability frosting cakes.

You are now ready to frost the rest of the cake! Cover the cake with 1-2 inches of frosting. With each layer, make sure you smooth the icing with the icing smoother. Once you have your desired frosting, it is time to garnish the cake.

Take the left over Chips Ahoy cookies that you used to make the batter and decorate the outside of the cake. Even though the cake is two layers, the cookies were still about as tall as half the cake. So, i decided to cut mine in half and line the bottom.

Piping Queen

Using the disposable pastry bags, and one of the decorating tips to pipe icing swirls on the top. once I had the desired size and height I took more chips ahoy cookies and stuck them in each frosting swirl. And you're ready to cut into the cake!

There are still so many things I need to work on, but I have to say this cake turned out beautiful.

To make this American buttercream and Milk and Cookies Cake, go here for the full recipe.

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